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Module is not compatible as decribed, Developer refuses refund

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The module I downloaded last week was installed in my 1.6 version website successfully, but soon I found configuring one option wasn't working at all.
That option was the only reason I downloaded the module, so I immediately contacted the developer.

The following is a summary of messages that I and the developer sent to each other.
Though I'm pretty sure that the developer wan't aware of the module's compatibility and lied to me, I will only state what he actually told me.

1. The developer already knew the module wouldn't be fully functional with 1.5 and 1.6, but he described it as compatible with 1.5-1.7 anyway because he knew only 1.7 users would download the module.

2. Though I clearly checked how the module worked through demo front & back office as well as its version compatibility before downloading, I also should have double-checked that by contacting the developer because all prestashop owners are supposed to use only 1.7 these days.

3. He also said I had to pay extra 100 Euro for module revision if I wanted to use that unavailable option because 1.5 and 1.6 users like me weren't supposed to download the module.
I asked him once again why the module was described as compatible with 1.5 and 1.6, but he said that's what other developers were doing too and never admitted it was misleading.
He even told me I had to be thankful for this generous proposal, but I naturally refused this ridiculous rip off.

4. Ending the meaningless debate with this scammer, I demanded a refund instead but was refused.

I reported this issue to prestashop's CS, and not receiving any response for 3 days.
Is there anything else I can do about this?

This is the module I purchased


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I finally got an answer to my question from prestashop CS, but it was totally unhelpful.
I do believe the staff who handled my issue wasn't versed enough at modules to understand the problem or didn't investigate it seriously.

I thought prestashop's official addons market was safer than 3rd party websites, but silly me, I just realized I already had the same problem on addons.prestashop.com a few years ago, and this is 2nd time.

Anyway, though I was a bit late, I learned a lesson.
The crappy 99,99€ module I purchased through addons market is sold only for 50€ on the scammer's website, which means I could have ended up losing half instead of 99.99 if I had gone there.

Now I can clearly say there is no buyer protection here, and no need to pay more to Prestashop Addons for nothing.

From now on bypassing Prestashop Addons will always be my 1st option.

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