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[Solved] CurrencyException Error


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Hello everyone,

I need help with my online store.

I use PrestaShop and I want to add new currency ( Albanian Lek (ALL) ). When I try to add this currency I become this error: An unexpected error occurred. [PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Domain\Currency\Exception\CurrencyException code 0]

Where can the problem be ? How can I handle this error ? What does this error means? I have to add this currency otherwise I can't sell in my store. 

P.S I can add other currencies without problems and they also work in front end store. The problem happens only with Albanian Lek (ALL) that cannot be added.

This is my online store emia.shop

Thank you in advance!



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There is an error in the currency data for Albania: the numeric iso code is stored as 8 instead of 008 and therefore failing in internal vaildation rules. To fix it edit file \localization\CLDR\core\common\supplemental\supplementalData.xml and change line 5208 accordingly.


After clearing prestashop cache you can add ALL currency:


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25 minutes ago, Isaacw said:

I also have an issue about currency. I can't select or edit another currency from a drop down in adding new currency. The currencies are there but can't be selected. I need help on this. Thank you. 

Which Prestashop version are you using ? Which php-version and SQL version are you using ? Your problem is also for Albania ?

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