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Default Tax Behaviour


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Can someone please shed some light on the default tax behaviour of prestashop 1.7?

We have the following settings on our shop(We are in Canada):

1) Products and customer groupes are set up to show tax excluded prices 

2) Tax rule set for Canadian provinces - Each province is set up with a "This tax only" tax

3) Tax rule is applied to all products.

This is what we don't understand - the default behaviour seems to be to apply our home province tax to products in the cart BEFORE a customer logs in.  Once a customer logs in/signs up, taxes are applied properly and totals are adjusted in the cart.  This is confusing to the customer!

Can someone tell us what prestashop is doing here?  What we want is for 0 taxes to be applied until customer log in (makes sense doesn't it?).  This was the default behaviour of prestashop 1.6.  What has changed?  Prestashop 1.7 is also adding shipping totals to the cart before log in as well which makes even less sense.  

If someone could let us know why this is happening and if this can be changed we'd be grateful... we've searched for weeks for solutions to this.  Thanks

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Just as an aside - This is not a front office cart issue.  We added code to add the final price of a product to the admin product listing page.  As soon as it is assigned the tax rule it automatically shows the final price with the default tax rate added.  Why is it doing this?  

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