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  1. Thanks for the feedback, but not all modules are available for download and a manual update. For example... prestashop account
  2. We had some mod_security issues which were causing 406 errors when trying to upgrade modules from admin we resolved, but afterwards we started getting these kinds of errors when trying to upgrade modules from the admin: Cannot Upgrade module ps_accounts. Handler not found for source https://addons.prestashop.com/en/administrative-tools/49648-prestashop-account.html?utm_source=back-office&utm_medium=push-addons&utm_campaign=back-office-EN&utm_content=download We tried resetting the distribution api, marketplace back office and prestashop account modules, clearing all caches, logging back in. Anyone else encounter this? Some modules did upgrade, but there's a few that just won't for some reason
  3. We found after upgrade to PS 8.0 we started getting CLS issues on mobile pages only and they were significant (>0.5). This code seems to have fixed it... so it looks like PS may have regressed after 8.0 because we never had any issues with PS 1.7
  4. Just to add to this.. when trying to install from the back office we're seeing 406 errors when using debug: n/aPOSTxhr406
  5. We upgraded our test site from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2 and are getting the same issues. Before upgrading, modules were upgrading fine from the back office... after upgrade, we're getting the dreaded "Could not perform action update for module undefined" when trying to upgrade modules. This has to be something with 8.0.2... perhaps something in the database was not upgraded? Does anyone else have any insight on this? We're using PHP 8.1
  6. Ok... so just downloading the modules from https://build.prestashop-project.org/ps-monitor-module-releases/ hasn't been an issue until we see that there is an update to ps_accounts which isn't listed on that page. We're still getting Could not perform action update for module undefined when trying to update from our backoffice, but installing with the zip file seems to work as long as we can download it. Any idea where we can get the ps_accounts 6.x latest version?
  7. Actually this applies to all PS modules we've seen since upgrading to 8.0.2... we can't upgrade from the backoffice anymore.. we have to download the modules from github.
  8. We downloaded the latest version zip from github and was able to upgrade the module by using that, but does anyone know why this happens? Thanks
  9. The module is shown in our upgrade list to be upgraded from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3 but when trying to upgrade we get the following message: Could not perform action update for module undefined We tried to reset the module, and delete the ps_mbo folder in the var/modules folder, but nothing works. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  10. No one seems to know the answer to this seemingly simple question
  11. Does no one know the answer to this? Seems like it should be a simple and quick solution
  12. Does anyone know how to disable writing of PHP Deprecrated entries into the error_log? As anyone else knows who upgraded to PS 8.0+ and PHP 8+, the modules haven't caught up yet and every module is spurting: PHP Deprecated: The hook "Header" is deprecated, please use "displayHeader". We tried adding error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_USER_DEPRECATED to the php.ini, but it didn't stop the entries.
  13. Thanks guys, it was due to a poorly coded module I deactivated.
  14. I've done the same and I'm getting 30mb a day of these messages. How do you suppress these?
  15. And if there's not? Do we send the error to every one of our module developers to see who it is?
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