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Where to look for adding data in product list page

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Hi everybody. I'm struggling trying to figure which files should I overidde in a module to allow me access the combinations data inside the smarty template of the products list.


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On 11/11/2019 at 11:42 PM, Atlasan said:

Thank you for your answer. I'm looking at this file but I can't figure out where to act.
Is there some piece of doc that explain the whole inclusions steps for eg. product listing, product details pages?
I tried following the custom module and theme steps, but than I get lost in knowing which classes of which files are actually executed.

Thank you in advance and sorrry for the newbie questions.

Let me explain what I would like to archive: at now modifying pieces of modules or themes files I can change ho to present the informations I have available in my templates, what I want is to add some custom data from the product listing and the product details controllers down to the template.
So i would have something like:

'--- in the controller ---
$myProd["myvar1"] = $myCustomData;

--- in the template ----
<b>Controller passing me:</b> {$product.myvar1}

So, where is the controller in a default case? (I assume that a module or a template can override it, and that's what I should do as well)

Thank you.

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Finally, time later, I had to set up the debug tool and step by step find the way to do what I was trying to archive: getting the stock available for the combination and preventing the unavailable products to be displayed!!

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