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  1. problem because your tpl file in your theme has something wrong like as {l s='' d='Shop.Theme.Global'}. Please check again all your tpl files
  2. Bonjour à tous, Quelques détails supplémentaires : https://www.joommasters.com/index.php/blog/tutorials-and-case-studies/how-to-fix-security-bug-of-slider-security-breach-of-theme.html
  3. About foreach error, that mean 1 module has no data for showing when call foreach, you can check again that module configuration in backend Then enable debug mode for checking why you have error 500
  4. When you updated Prestashop, you should update theme.js by new theme.js from default theme
  5. You can change to <a class="all-product-link float-xs-left float-md-right h4" href="http://www.mysite.com/11-main"> {l s='All products' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}<i class="material-icons">&#xE315;</i> </a>
  6. Hi friend 1. maybe it is PHP version problem, what is your PHP version on server 2. you only have problem when change template or have same problem with default theme of Prestashop ?
  7. your code is wrong, should be $this->name = $this->trans('SnefIT Test Module', [], 'Modules.Snefittest.Snefittest');
  8. you need to overwrite core file to embed token key for admin login , then you will have link to backend with token key
  9. I think problem is when you update version, it updated theme.js or js of shopping cart page
  10. did you solve that problem ? Maybe problem because PHP version ?
  11. Hi friend You can try controllers/front/listing/CategoryController.php
  12. Hi friend your problem maybe because country Restrictions, you can go to Shipping=> Preferences or Payment=> Preferences for checking configuration again
  13. can you try to remove special charaters first ? then sav for checking
  14. I think there is no module like that on addons, you have to make new module for that
  15. if you only update 1.7.x, I think there is no problem as well, a good theme will work fine with all versions what not have major update (like from 1.7 to 1.8)
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