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Product Combination with 2200 options, prestashop timeout/stop loading


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when creating a product with many selectable options, what php parameters should i set so the page does not timeout/stop loading

max_execution_time = -1
max_input_time = -1
max_input_vars = -1
memory_limit = 6144 
max_post_size = -1 
max_file_uploads = -1 
max_post_size = -1

anything else???


php 7.2.22

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Normally there is javascript array in the product html that tells for each combination the price, the weight, etc. Not only is this array very big. It is also not indexed - so to find the right entry you may have to check hundreds or thousands of entries in the array.

I know that some people solved this with Ajax. They replaced the code that looks into this array by some code that made an ajax call to some server side script that looks the info up in the database.

I haven't seen code for this. So you need to develop it yourself. Maybe you can share so that other people can benefit.

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