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Product combinations keep resetting

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Can I get some help with this problem? I am working on a site that I upgraded from PS1.7.3 to and when you select a different combination than the standard one (on a product with combinations) it just keeps resetting to the default one.

Have a look at here to see what I mean and click on "Complete Rol 10 Meter (10% Korting)".

I use a module that removes the IDs from page URLs and if I disable that one and reset the SEO rewrite rules
to the default, then it seems like it works. So the problem is in there somewhere.

However, I can't change the URL structure and links as this is an existing website that has already been indexed in Google.

Thanks for your help

EDIT: Here is my problem. I need to make this code in FrontController.php compatible with PS1.7.6.1

I don't have the skills for that. Can someone help out?


    * module: prestashop_clean_urls
    * date: 2017-04-21 13:52:42
    * version: 1.0.0.beta
    protected function canonicalRedirection($canonical_url = '')
        $_unfiltered_GET = $_GET;
        $_GET = array_filter($_GET, function ($v) {
            return '_rewrite' === substr($v, -8);
        $_GET = $_unfiltered_GET;



Edited by Dani1989
found the problem - addition to question (see edit history)

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