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  1. Faceted filters also out of stock items

    yes look at the picture .the red shoe is out of stock for 48 size
  2. Faceted filters also out of stock items

    yes !! both checked and nothing changed .
  3. Faceted filters also out of stock items

    yes i have both filters enable but all products appear
  4. ακόμα και όταν βάλω δεύτερο φίλτρο πάλι έχω όλα τα αποτελέσματα μαζι με τα μη διαθεσημα
  5. χρησιμοποιώντας μονο ένα φίλτρο για παπούτσια .πχ νούμερο 48 μου εμφανίζονται όλα τα προϊόντα που μπορεί να έχουν combinations με νούμερο 48 ακόμα και αυτά που είναι out of stock . πως μπορώ να εμφανίζονται μονο οι διαθέσιμοι συνδυασμοί ? ευχαριστώ
  6. Faceted browser: Does not filter correctly stock 0

    i have the same problem .sizes with zero stock still appearing when filter .
  7. hi when i use faceted filter in search results show all items (both stock and out of stock ).why ? for example i sell shoes and when i filter shoe size 48 all items shows (in stock and out of stock ) how can i filter and show only in stock items ? thanks
  8. Buying with PayPal without logging in PP account

    hi i have the same . no solution found
  9. Same problem !! Is there any soloution ?
  10. hi I dont get a notification when a customer interesting for an out of stock item . i have prestashop and mail alert 3.6.0 module . all others work fine thanks
  11. hi where is the email file that you talk about ? thanks i have prestashipo
  12. hi i have the same problem .where i can see the clients mail that interesting for an out of stock item ? have you find a solution ? thanks
  13. Setting a product status to New

    hi successful install but after set a id or reference product says: product not found or cant update ?is this a probplem with permisions? thanks
  14. Separate product for each attribute/combination

    I am also looking for this option/module... anybody find a solution ?
  15. paypal image doesnt show in payment methods

    hi what permission i mast have .i have upload a better photo . the link of this picture is this https://runninglovers.gr/views/img/default_logos/default_horizontal.png also script void(0)