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Prestashop 1.7 - Cart Update in Payment Refreshes to Address


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I am creating a module to detect out of stock products in payment page after customer choose a carrier.

In Payment, I have a set of codes to re-check on stock availability and hide the payment div, replacing it with the codes below :

{block name='cart_detailed_product'}
      <div class="cart-overview js-cart"
           data-refresh-url="{url entity='cart' params=['ajax' => true, 'action' => 'refresh']}">
          {if $cart.products}
              <ul class="cart-items">
                  <li class="cart-item-header hidden-sm-down">
                      <div class="row small-gutters">
                          <div class="col-6">{l s='Product' d='Shop.Theme.Checkout'}</div>
                          <div class="col-6">
                              <div class="row small-gutters">
                                  <div class="col">{l s='Price' d='Shop.Theme.Checkout'}</div>
                                  <div class="col">{l s='Qty' d='Shop.Theme.Checkout'}</div>
                                  <div class="col">{l s='Total' d='Shop.Theme.Checkout'}</div>
                                  <div class="col col-auto"><i class="fa fa-trash-o invisible" aria-hidden="true"></i></div>
                  {foreach from=$cart.products item=product}
                      <li class="cart-item">
                          {block name='cart_detailed_product_line'}
                              {include file='checkout/_partials/cart-detailed-product-line.tpl' product=$product}
                      {if $product.customizations|count >1}
              <div class="alert alert-warning">{l s='There are no more items in your cart' d='Shop.Theme.Checkout'}</div>

I placed a refresh button to refresh the page and proceed with payment once the cart has been updated.

  function refreshPage(){
<button type="submit" class="btn btn-secondary btn-xs" 
 onClick="refreshPage()">Update Cart</button>

It is working well and the display is able to update cart. But I am facing an issue whereby once the cart is correct to proceed, it will refresh to Address. Address is the 2nd step in one-page checkout.

Can anyone advise me on how to refresh and stay in Payment?

Thank you.

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