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Wholesale price depending on minimum quantity

Paul Albers

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Hello developers,
I have created a software that controls my whole website. It updates all products at night, sends emails to customers, sends orders to suppliers or to local store and more. But I have a supplier that use discounts for some products. Now i'm facing a problem about the wholesale price. Let me explane:

Let's say there is a product with a discount. Normally the sell price is €1,49 with a minimum quantity of 5. So the customer adds this to there basket and the total will be €7,45. The wholesale price would be €0,68 for 5 pieces.
But my supplier also offers the same product with a discount with a minimum quantity of 10 for a wholesale price of €0,28. How can I set different wholesale prices with minimum quantity for a product so my software can check which wholesale price is being used?

Currently using ps V1.6 but I am busy updating to V1.7


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I'm not sure I'm understanding well OP's needs, or if you need exactly the same, but, well... Prestashop already offers different wholesale prices using specific prices. You can set up different prices depending on product qty, as I show in the following screenshot:




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Hi Luis and thank you for your help,

the cost price you indicated is not linked to the specific price but to the product in general, so it is not influenced by the quantity purchased.

The solution would be to have the cost price field within the specific price rules, in this way the cost price could be differentiated based on the conditions indicated in the specific price.

I haven't found any extension useful for this purpose but it could be an interesting thing :)

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