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Feedback on my 1st Prestashop site


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Great start to your website, but there are still some details that need some work.

  • Add a banner with any specials or promotions
  • Make sure payment options are easily available for new clients to see
  • Add customer reviews: this encourages new customers to trust in their decisions
  • Add social media reviews and images of the products in use: this encourages customers to see rather than to imagine the products in use
  • Add a buy now button that helps streamline your checkout: currently there are quite a few additional steps that slow down the process
  • Make sure a call to action button is available on your home page no matter what image is showing: currently the call to action (check our products) on 1 of 3 of the images
  • Move your specials and any important information above the fold: clients shouldn't have to scroll to see free shipping, order time, and other essential details.
  • Add contact information (address, phone number, ...) to your homepage: this improves SEO with Google leading towards more organic traffic.
  • Check your content for errors and for improvements in messaging
    • What you wrote: You can contact us throught this e-mail, or using the form in the Contact Us page! We will answer all your question in 24 hours!
    • With corrections: You can contact us through the e-mail below or by using the form on the Contact Us page! We will answer all of your questions within 24 hours!
    • What you should have written: You can contact us by email or by using the Contact US page! We will answer all your questions within 24 hours!
  • Your FAQ page and Returns Policy have quite  a few errors that might cause confusion
    • Your wrote: The returned products must be received at our address until 30 days after the date of purchase
    • This statement could be interpreted incorrectly and would be more effective as: "Products must be returned within 30 days"
  • You should create a social media presence by creating Facebook, Instagram and similar social media accounts: This helps with Branding which can lead to greater community buy-in/ organic marketing

Best of luck with your shop, if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.

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On 6/5/2019 at 6:57 PM, stennnn said:

Hello everyone,

This was my first time working with Prestashop, and I loved it! I might have missed something, so if you could give me some feedback I would love it!

It's based in Prestashop



Best regards!


As I saw the following need to be updated on your site :

  • Page Title : that need to be within 30 to 65 characters .
  • Description must be within b/w 120 to 135 charaters i.e is below120 for your website 
  • And much more need to be corrected.

These are necessary for Ranking your page on Google i.e seo

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