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Product URL and Cannonical URL problems in core JavaScript (var prestashop)


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PrestaShop seems to have a JavaScript code (var prestashop) that contains the information about opened product. Unfortunately, on my client's website the data in this code is incorrect.

Here's how the contents of this JS code look in the working, freshly installed test version of PrestaShop: qeiToAL.jpg

You can see that on a correctly working PrestaShop the URL is the same as the one in the browser, and Canonical URL mirrors that as well. All the other data, like "name" of the product, list of the product images and so on are also correct here, because they reflect currently opened product.

However, on my client's shop, the data contained in this JavaScript code is almost completely wrong. "Add to cart URL" is correct, but things like URL, Cannonical URL, Product Images are always from a different product. And it happens on all products. They all point to one, different product.

Does anyone know why this happens?


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