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Adding more prices for a Product


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how can I add more prices for a Product? based on its configuration, I should add up to 4-5 more prices.
Base Product = white t-shirt 10$
- if different color = + 5 $
- if custom text = + 5$
- if with pearls = + 10$
etc. ...
I created various combinations, but I can't insert more prices. The user has to select all these configurations to add them on cart. Any suggestions? 

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12 minutes ago, Nishith said:


when you edit the each combination there is option the Impact on price please add the price accordingly your combinations see image here



Hi thanks for your kind answer!
I already did but I need to add more fields for this section one isn't enough ....I need 4-5 impact prices ...I can't explain well 🤔

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