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HTTP 500 errors when system tries to send emails


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I have a prestashop 1.7 site, I just recently moved the shop to our new VPN, recreated .htacces files.

The only problem I have is this: When a user completes his/her order, or I change the status of an order, I get a HTTP 500 error.

It looks like it only happens when the system tries to send out an automatic mail. 

I've tried to add my smtp manually (when I try to send a test mail, it arrives) instead of the php solution but the same error happens.

I've attached two pictures of debug mode, first is the error I get when I change an order status, the second is the error I get when I complete an order on the front.


Any help or idea very appriciated, it must be something with the moving of the site to the new server, but can't figure :/



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22 minutes ago, joseantgv said:

Thanks! That was the solution.

I've added php-intl extension to the sites php version (5.6) through WHM.

If anyone in the future has the same problem and doesn't have WHM access on your host, you could try to just enable it through cpanel, or contact your host to enable it for you.

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