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New order email template, sale items.


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In mailalerts.php

When a new order is placed, it s giving the total price for an item. I need it to display totalprice-sale price. Example:

product costs 10.00, product is on sale for 8.00

When an order is placed the price should display 8.00 not 10.00

Can anyone help?

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        $itemsTable = '';
       $products = $order->getProducts();

       $customizedDatas = Product::getAllCustomizedDatas(intval($params['cart']->id));
       Product::addCustomizationPrice($products, $customizedDatas);
       foreach ($products AS $key => $product)
           //$unit_price = $product['product_price_wt'];
           $unit_price = $product['product_price'];
           $price = $product['total_price'];

I believe it needs to be changed here in mailalerts.php

Any insight?

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