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Hey folks,

I have to Post again on this topic because no-one seems to know or want to reply. I have been through the entire webservicerequest class, trying to reverse engineer it to discover the correct parameters for the fetch() command. The below command gives me http ok 200 headers but no content:

$wr     = WebserviceRequest::getInstance(); // get instance
$result  = $wr->fetch("PP7UND76LHE7D2TPZVH0MFY1J67F6IRQ", "GET", "countries/48" , "" , ""); 

The fifth parameter will be NULL for a GET request but the fourth, I presume is another request parameter for a more specific detail in countries/48. Does anyone know what the fourth parameter is and the correct format it should be in?


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I think that what you are looking for is in webservice/dispatcher.php:

$params = $_GET;

$class_name = WebserviceKey::getClassFromKey($key);
$bad_class_name = false;
if (!class_exists($class_name))
   $class_name = 'WebserviceRequest';
   $bad_class_name = true;
// fetch the request
$result = $class_name::getInstance()->fetch($key, $method, $_GET['url'], $params, $bad_class_name, $input_xml);

It appears that "$params" for the GET method it's an empty array.

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