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[Tutorial] How to add Manufacturer, Supplier and Supplier Reference filters to the product list page in the Back Office

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  1. Create AdminProductsController.php in /override/controllers/admin/
  2. Copy and paste this code in the file:
Override AdminProductsController.php to show Manufacturer, Supplier and Supplier Reference 
column filters on the product list controller

class AdminProductsController extends AdminProductsControllerCore
    public function __construct()
        $this->_join .= ' LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'manufacturer` m ON (m.`id_manufacturer` = a.`id_manufacturer`)
				LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'supplier` AS supp ON (supp.id_supplier = a.`id_supplier`)
				LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_supplier` ps ON ( a.id_product = ps.id_product AND ps.id_product_attribute = 0 )';

        $this->fields_list['manufacturer_name'] = array(
            'title' => $this->l('Manufacturer'),
            'filter_key' => 'm!name',
            'orderby' => true,
        $this->fields_list['supp'] = array(
            'title' => $this->l('Supplier'),
            'filter_key' => 'supp!name'
		$this->fields_list['product_supplier_reference'] = array(
			'title' => $this->l('Supplier Reference'),
			'align' => 'left',
			'filter_key' => 'ps!product_supplier_reference'

    3. Clear cache in Advanced Parameters > Performance

Only tested in 1.6.1.x

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