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[SOLVED] Don't show price if price more than $500


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Hi, guys!

Please help me! I am beginner in Prestashop, and learning more about smarty and prestashop everyday.

I want module or code, that shows price only if product price less than $500. If price more than $500, instead of showing price it should display message like "For price please contact us".

I hope my english is easy to understand.

I appreciate your help in advance. Edit Product.tpl, but not sure what to put there :(

With best regards,

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Thanks for the reply.. I am using i couldn't find instead...

{convertPrice price=$product->getPrice(true, NULL, 2)} {if $product->getPrice(true, NULL, 2) != $product->getPrice(false, NULL, 2)}{l s='incl. tax'}{/if}

               {if $displayPreTax AND $display_ht AND $product->id_tax}
{l s='('}{convertPrice price=$product->getPrice(false, NULL, 2)} {l s='tax not incl.)'}

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