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récupérer les attributs des articles de la commande

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Je veux récupérer les valeurs des attributs produits dans chaque colonne.

J'ai fais cette requête mais c'est presque .

       Taille     Couleur     product_attribute_id     id_order     product_name          
        NULL    Rouge             10                                   1            Blouse - Color : White, Size : M     
        NULL    Orange             13                                 1            Printed Dress - Color : Orange, Size : S    

Votre aide svp.


al.`name` AS Taille,al3.`name` AS Couleur,
product_attribute_id, a.id_order, a.product_name

FROM `ps_order_detail` a 
LEFT JOIN `ps_product_lang` pl ON (pl.id_product = a.`product_id` AND pl.id_lang = 1)
LEFT JOIN `ps_attribute` att ON (att.`id_attribute` = a.`product_attribute_id` AND att.`id_attribute_group`=1)
LEFT JOIN `ps_attribute_group` ag ON (ag.`id_attribute_group` = att.`id_attribute_group` AND ag.`id_attribute_group`=1)
LEFT JOIN `ps_attribute_lang` al ON (att.`id_attribute` = al.`id_attribute` AND al.`id_lang` = 1)
LEFT JOIN `ps_attribute_group_lang` agl ON (ag.`id_attribute_group` = agl.`id_attribute_group` AND agl.`id_lang` = 1 AND agl.`id_attribute_group`=1) 
LEFT JOIN `ps_attribute` att3 ON (att3.`id_attribute` = a.`product_attribute_id` AND att3.`id_attribute_group`=3)
LEFT JOIN `ps_attribute_group` ag3 ON (ag3.`id_attribute_group` = att3.`id_attribute_group` AND ag3.`id_attribute_group`=3)
LEFT JOIN `ps_attribute_lang` al3 ON (att3.`id_attribute` = al3.`id_attribute` AND al3.`id_lang` = 1)
LEFT JOIN `ps_attribute_group_lang` agl3 ON (ag3.`id_attribute_group` = agl3.`id_attribute_group` AND agl3.`id_lang` = 1 AND agl3.`id_attribute_group`=3) 
LEFT JOIN ps_orders o ON (a.id_order = o.id_order)


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