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e-marketplace with PS


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Hello evb,

I'm searching for any help to build an eMarketplace using PS. My project consists in a website where buyers and sellers can meet and do business.
Each buyer will have the possibility to enter all of his company's basic data, infos, products, etc. He can change it whenever he wants. Sellers will have the same possibilities.
Another part of the website will be reserved to classified advertising. Both sellers and buyers will have search feature with filters to find the optimal offers/demands.

My questions:
1. Is such a project possible with only PS? any addons?
2. If it is not, which opensource e-commerce softwares can I use?

Thank u guys!!

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Without heavy modification, you can't . The modifications needed are probably so great and time-consuming you might be better of building your own application or having it build for you. Comapnies and governments operating such marketplaces invest huge amounts of time and resources in them, so you should expect such a project to takes months, if not years, of man-hours.

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