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UPS Module stopped working

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I am running an old version of Prestashop ( A few days ago the UPS module stopped working. Only reason I found out was because a customer contacted me to say no shipping options were available in the checkout page. I log into the back end of PS and go to the UPS Module. I have the latest version installed (1.3.3).

I've confirmed with UPS that my account is active and in good standing, and they even confirmed that the web service login. password and API key are correct. Nobody changed anything here in the back end, and UPS says the web service is working fine.

I have a second store running a newer version of PrestaShop (1.6.x), same version of the module, and the UPS works fine on there. As a test, I took store #2's API info and pasted it into the broken site (1.5) and it still failed. Something is up with this store where it all of a sudden can no longer communicate with UPS.

The error message that gets returned in the module is very generic: "Webservice test connection : UPS Webservice seems to be down, please wait a few minutes and try again".

It's been 2 days of trying and it's still not working. Any way to get more information about what's gone wrong? I tried unchecking all shipping options except for one (UPS Ground) and it still fails. I have tried changing the Packing weight and handling fee.  There are no rules set up in the Categories and Products tabs, and the help screen does not offer anything. This is the PrestaShop UPS module that comes with PrestaShop and I like I said, it was working fine all this time, then for no apparent reason stopped working. If I could at least see some log info or a more descriptive error message at least that would be a start.

Thanks in advance!

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Did you do anything else to your shop? E.g. installed new module, installed new theme, upgraded something?

Can it be that your hosting provider updated your PHP or database version?

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