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What is the best and easiest way to make custom, new translations?
I found information that if You want to translate missing lines of module, it is good way to:


you can copy the templete file in the theme directory like:


And then change the domain for all strings, instead of {l s="My string" mod="ps_bankwire"} use something like {l s="My string" d="Modules.Wirepayment.Shop"}

You will then be able to translate all strings as part of your theme (International -> Translations -> Theme)

I changed this line in my tpl, but translation did not show at BO translations. Do i have to reload translations somehow, to make it appear? Whenever I edit file app/resources/translations/pl-PL/ModulesWirepaymentShop.pl-PL and put at the end:


  <file original="modules/ps_wirepayment/views/templates/hook/payment_return.tpl" source-language="en" target-language="pl" datatype="plaintext">
      <trans-unit id="b2f40691858b401ed10e62bdf022c705">
        <source>Please specify your order reference %s in the bankwire description.</source>
        <target>Translated %s example.</target>
File: modules/ps_wirepayment/views/templates/hook/payment_return.tpl:34</note>

And replace it via FTP - shop crashes and there is error 500. Translating payment_return.tpl is just example, I would like to know how to add new translations at any place of my shop.




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I think it was not working, because I put manually code to app/resources/translations/pl-PL/ModulesWirepaymentShop.pl-PL file. My problem was partially solved by exporting language from translation page - as point 2 in "case 2" at below page:

In fact, case 2 is working fine for theme files, such as themes/x/templates/catalog/product.tpl. But it is not working when I put for example this code to tpl of any module:


{l s='Translation here' d='Shop.Theme.Mytheme'}

I understand this way we can translate themes, not modules.

Module ps_wirepayment - adding any code like this to tpl (modules/ps_wirepayment/views/templates/hook/payment_return.tpl):


{l s='My custom translation for module' d='Modules.Wirepayment.Shop'}

is not working - translation is not showing at BO and we can not see new line of text at front. I followed many articles about this issue but noone seems to work. Wirepayment module is just example, there is problem with others too. Prestashop

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