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Multi-shop 1.7 : conflict between modules templates


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Hi everyone, 

I've been working for a while on a Prestahop 1.7 multi-shop project (2 shops). Each shop has its own custom theme (bought on the Prestashop store). 

Since the beginning and every now and then, problems appear in the display of some elements (header cart link out of place, home slider not visible any more...). Emptying the Prestashop cache in the back-office solves the problem for a while, but it comes back after a couple of hours or days. 

After a bit of searching, I thought that Prestashop mixed some css styles between the 2 themes. But it seems that it mixes more than css styles : Prestashop loads the wrong template for some modules (ps_imageslider for example). 

Is it a known problem ? and is there a workaround ? For the little issues, I covered that with extra classes css, but sometimes when the templates are really different, it's not enough. 


Any help would be appreciated :)


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Hi Ttoine,

Thanks for your answer !

The issue isn't exactly the same, but the context is extremely similar (at least for the cart problem). I read the link you posted, and saw that the problem is on Prestashop's "bug roadmap", so it will be fixed eventually... I'll keep an eye on that. 

Meanwhile, I'll keep looking for a workaround...

Thanks again

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