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How to use debug and release versions?


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Hello everyone, 

I've been using Prestashop 1.7 for almost 3 months. I have been always making the changes live, just uploading the modified file by ftp (filezilla). I know that I should be working on a local version first, so I can see the problems before sending it to the public web. I installed xampp, downloaded files and the DB, copied them locally and modified the needed files. It is working now in local too, great for me since I have been trying to make it work for 5 days now (It happened that config/settings.inc was deprecated).

Now, I have the "debug" version in my localhost, and the release (sorry if this isn't the word) version in the server. I know would like to start using git to control versions (I have no idea yet about using it, but I know i must use it for the sake of good practices). My question is basically, If I have modified files to make Prestashop work locally and make it "debug", how it is supposed I upload new versions/modifications to the server? In other words, How do I work with debug and release at the same time? Could you please detail me your workflow and basic steps to make this happen?

I'm a 2 years high degree programmer (that's more or less the term in my country, Spain) and I have little experience working. It happens that I am the only person responsible for computers and web in general in the place where I got the job and I have no one around me to ask these questions. And it feels sickly-frustrating.

If you guys could take a couple of minutes to drop your "here's how you do it" that would be very welcomed. Thank you all.

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