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I'm looking at the webservice feature, to develop an extern module where I'll add custom products.
I need to specify "Feature values" to those products.
I can't seem to find out how to assign a "feature" to a product on creation or even modify them

I've had a look at the /api/product_features and /api/product_feature_values , but I can't see where the ID of the product is linked to.
They don't even show up in the /api/products/ID XML output

I can currently add and modify a product, but I'm blocked with the features.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Would still be handy to have before the release... to test it out properly and maybe help making it better.

"For information, the documentation will be available at the same time as the final release"

Although it isn't specific to attributes, the info in this thread might be enlightening:
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