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Upload image function: how to upload a second manufacturer logo


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i want to have 2 pictures for the manufacturer: the logo and the "initial picture" (is a picture of one product).
My idea is to add a new "upload picture" in the AdminManufacturer as:

echo '


$this->displayImage($manufacturer->id, _PS_MANU_IMG_DIR_.$manufacturer->id.'_rename.jpg', 350);
echo '

<input type="file" name="logo" />

'.$this->l('Upload manufacturer logo from your computer').'

so the picture will call idmanufacturer_rename.jpg.

how the upload function works in prestashop? I can not find this function....
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no answer?<br/><br/>Im trying to figured out how the "submitmanufacturer" works and how this upload the files into the folder.



I want the same thing..

have you found a solution for this?


I cannot understand where the action is going after clicking on save.


Admin codes are complex :(

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