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Google Crawl errors, but kind of different


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Hi to all. I'm running a shop with Prestasop Version - 0.217s for a couple of weeks now and think that it's a very well built sw regarding it's free. I've even made sales till now. I pay an ammount of euros every week for google adwords and keep being advertised on google. A week ago i submitted my site (witch resides on a subdirectory of my domain) to google webmaster tools after having created the .htaccess and robots.txt files using the prestashop generator. Google says I have more than 300 pages marked as 404 - not found as you can see in the attachment. The poroblem is that the links are working perfectly!!! You can try it your selves!! I could not find an answer in google faqs and guides nor in Prestashop forum. (I mean that all other people that had a problem with web master tools and crawl errors had problem with the statsdata module, or the doubled url and .htaccess file) Has anybody come across this problem?. An other question I have is this: Must the /admin/ directory (or adminxxx as it must be renamed) be blocked by robots.txt?

Thank you in advance



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