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Modify myalerts.tpl to show if in stock and add to cart


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I am traying to modify my myalerts.tpl to show if the product is in stock and to show a add to cart button.
(See my attach.) In the attach you can see in stock but this is only sample text.

I found out verry soon that i can´t do this so i serching for help in right directetion. How can this be mayde?


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Wee i found how to fix so the stock is showing and add to cart button. How can i fix so it is showing price.

Price should be placed where sample text is: Price goes here

   var baseDir = '{$base_dir_ssl}';

   {capture name=path}{l s='My account' mod='mailalerts'}{$navigationPipe}{l s='My alerts' mod='mailalerts'}{/capture}
   {include file=$tpl_dir./breadcrumb.tpl}

{l s='My alerts' mod='mailalerts'}

   {include file=$tpl_dir./errors.tpl}

   {if $id_customer|intval neq 0}
       {if $alerts}

{l s='Product' mod='mailalerts'}{l s='Stock' mod='mailalerts'}{l s='st.pris' mod='mailalerts'}{l s='Delete' mod='mailalerts'}


                   {if $product.product_quantity == 0}

                   {else if $product.product_quantity != 0}


                   Price goes here

{l s='Add to cart' mod='mailalerts'}


{l s='You are not subscribed to any alerts.' mod='mailalerts'}

{l s='Back to Your Account' mod='mailalerts'}
{l s='Home' mod='mailalerts'}

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