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Default search.php result, how to add a simple OR / AND logic filter


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Hi dear, default prestashop search is quite horrible. In some server setup I can't use external search engine like spinx or elastich, in this scenario is quite impossible to have a working search for a store with more than 100 products. The big problem is that there is no simple setup AND/OR logic . If you have a store with similar product, it's impossible to get the one you are searching for in the best result.




Product a:

Name: pippo pluto

Short description: pluto home pluto best 

Product b:

Name: pippo pluto top

Short description: pluto home best


Search for 50%/50% name and short desc :


Query:"pluto top"


will ever get the product a higher score than b also if "top" is not a terms in the product a, beacuse it occurrs 2 time in the product a short description. 


There is a way to force ps tho only show product that meat all the search terms? 






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