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Google Rich Snippets: Prestashop DB

Daisy Rowley

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Hello everyone, I have a problem, it turns out that a product that has been indexed and published on August 18, has been indexed with the date I published it, as a rich snippet in google, and that seems very blog style . I would like to eliminate that.

I looked at the code and the only thing I could find were the schema meta tags in the comments, (on the date of publication of the comments) and I thought that google could be wrong and take that date from the comment and show it in the rich snippet, since that was the only one that was marked.

I edited the tpl and deleted the marking of those dates from the comments module.

But after Google has re translated it, it continues to show the date of publication in the SERPs, and I do not know what it can be. nor from where it takes the information.

In the source code of the product I searched "2018" to determine what may be sending that information, and I get this.

It is like an information inside data-product = in the panels of the product.

Would someone know how to fix it?

Thanks for any help!

Best Regards, 

Daisy from Do My Writing

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