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adding custom fields in B.O

Ray UK

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Im trying to add some custom fields in the custom profile.

We sell ecigs so need to age check customers.

One of these fields will be to say PASS or FAIL, and maybe the other will have a date that they were checked.

I have managed to add the field in the db, show the FAIL or PASS on the customers list, and orders list.

I have the field showing on the edit customer page, but i cannot get the field in the edit customer page to show the value PASS or FAIL.

The field in the db is agecheck and is text

In the AdminCustomersController.php i have this code which shows the value in the customer list.

'agecheck' => array(
                'badge_success' => true,
				'title' => $this->trans('18?', array(), 'Admin.Global')


And this code shows the field on the customer edit screen

                    'type' => 'text',
                    'label' => $this->trans('Age Verified?', array(), 'Admin.Global'),
                    'name' => 'agecheck',
                    'required' => false,
                    'col' => '1',
                    'hint' => $this->trans('Is this customer verified as 18 or over?', array(), 'Admin.Global', 'Admin.Notifications.Info').' Type PASS or FAIL'


but it doesnt show the value, and any value I enter does not get saved.

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