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How to hide unused order status in Admin


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My shop is built with Prestashop

In the past I created various order status that are no longer in used.

So, in admin > Orders > Status, I tried to delete unused status.
But, I got an error message as follows :
For security reasons, you cannot delete default order statuses

Instead of deleting a status is there a way to hide some status both in :
- admin > Orders > Status
- and in the Status selection box of Orders > Orders

I thank you in advance for any reply.


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ps version: 1.7 (maybe other versions too)

I've found a way that I've not fully tested but which I presume is pretty harmless!

If you have database access, on the:


table, there is a 'deleted' column - kinda like a 'soft delete' - you can cross reference the id_order_state with the:


table to see the label of the order status and then enter '1' in the relevant record's 'deleted' column.

It can be easily undone by changing back to a zero.


Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 05.31.31.png

Screenshot 2019-01-24 at 05.31.51.png

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