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Products, Modules & Performance not working in NO DEBUG MODE

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I'm working on a shop. When I quit DEBUG MODE, I get a 500 ERROR message when accessing menus Modules, Products & Performance on the BO. The shop works fine on localhost in MAMP, but not when uploaded to the server.

I also have a problem -even in debug mode- updating some parts of the products files - "a small red popup says "Configuration could not be updated." NO error is recorded on logs.

I guess it must be something on server configuration, but I cannot find what's really happening. I didn't find a solution so far in this forum, so I throw the question again: can somebody help me with this?

Please, I'm in a hurry

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Solved for me. I deleted the folders dev and prod that are in root inside the folder "var". Now everything goes softly ;) I can quit DEBUG MODE, I have no problems updating products, etc. 


To see where your shop is recording the cache files, take a look at around line 69 in config/defines.inc.php, where it says:

if (!defined('_PS_CACHE_DIR_')) {
    $prestashopCacheDir =  _PS_ROOT_DIR_
.'/var/cache/'.(_PS_MODE_DEV_ ? 'dev': 'prod'). DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR;

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Thank you for this info! I had the same problem and everything works like a dream after following your advice

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