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Hi all,

This is my first post. I'm currently evaluating prestashop, and I would greatly appreciate some solid information on payment modules. A quick search of the forums hasn't revealed much, so I'll launch my questions here...

Are prestashop payment modules "hosted", or will my prestashop site be responsible for displaying the credit card screen and forwarding the card number to a payment services provider ?

Is your payment module certified PCI compliant? If not, are there plans to certify it? If your payment module is not hosted, have you found PCI compliant hosting for your site? Is your receiving bank starting to ask about the PCI compliance of your software or hosting provider?

Have you switched on 3D secure, or had it switched on for you!?

If your payment module is hosted, how is your prestashop application notified of a completed payment ? Is the transfer to payment screens seamless? Does the URL of payment screens identify a trustworthy, known bank or institution?

Lastly, are you getting value for money? What percentages are people paying to receive credit card payments?

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Hopefully these topics will be interesting to others.

regards joe ninety

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To answer your question about hosted/integrated modules, it depends on the module if you are using a API based module then the code is on your side, other modules forward you to the gateway's site. So it really depends on the gateway and the module used.

For PCI/3D Secure it really depends on the module used.

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Ok well, my questions can't be as interesting as I thought they were. I sincerely worried I would set off a huge debate. I'm trying to imagine what gets ecommerce folks excited if it's not payment security and the bank putting its cool hands around your family jewels?

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PCI Security Standards Council, ongoing development, enhancement, storage, and implementation of security standards for account data protection.Customers an open forum for the dissemination of global information over the phone in stores are very comfortable and despite the ever-present risk of card Using copied or stolen.If a personal computer and an Internet connection, chances are that you have purchased or have browsed for products online.

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