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Ok, so I was messing around with the /name/ and it was set up orginally as cyfaworld.com/dejalove/ I wanted to change it to just cyfaworld.com well I had been working in it all day and it was not giving me any issues about changing it back and forth to the original name. For whatever reason, the system has now locked my site in at the cyfaworld.comcyfaworld.com and i can not log into my admin panel, it even did a password reset, i got the new password, but when I enter my log in information and click connetion, it the login icon disappears and comes back blank, still not logging me in.

Without having to start from scratch --after working for 12hours on this thing.


http://cyfaworld.com/dejalove/'>http://cyfaworld.com/dejalove/ is what it was.

http://cyfaworld.comcyfaworld.com/'>http://cyfaworld.comcyfaworld.com/ is showing as a unresolved hostname

http://cyfaworld.com is what I want to eventually end up with, I started another page at cyfaworld.com and understand that I have to delete and move some files around. to complete that process

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