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PS1.61 How to enable guest checkout by altering style sheets, as a default that appears on the screen?

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I want to enable guest checkout by default, after enabling one page checkout in PS 1.6 
People mention this in a lot of threads but most of them quite old so I'm starting a new one.
Default Bootstrap Theme in Prestashop 1.61 and Community theme both display a shopping cart with the ordered items and then something like 


1. Account

Instant checkout

Guest Checkout.

I discover that the guest checkout form which I want displayed is there already and can be displayed, if I right-click on the "guest checkout" button in some browser like Chrome and try to understand and tinker with the stylesheet information. 

it is hidden.

I can change it on that very screen if I can remember how, but if I use a module like https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/303224-module-css-editor/ to try to alter the .css code, I fail.

I am most used to using Chrome's CSS inspector and Community Theme but have had a look in Default Boostrap Theme as well. Whatever the theme, I can't work out how to make the guest checkout form visible without my .css instructions being over-ridden by something I don't understand.

I hope this question is useful to people and that I can re-phrase it, if it doesn't make sense. The question is: how to I enable Guest Checkout by altering style sheets?
I want it as a default option that appears on the screen without the customer having to click on anything.
If I can do this, I am sure that I can use the same techniques to remove any confusing buttons and instructions with the same technique. So, if I could make the guest checkout form visible by default, I would be happy.



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https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/383788-only-one-page-checkout-only-by-guests-show-payment-method$('#opc_account_choice, #opc_invoice_address').show();s-without-selecting-guest-checkout/?do=findComment&commhttps://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/383788-only-one-page-checkout-only-by-guests-show-payment-methods-with
looks like a similar thread about PS1.6 that I use. The people there thought it wasn't a style sheet thing, but a question of altering order-opc.js in the theme directory so that it says 

$('#opc_account_choice, #opc_invoice_address').show();
$('#opc_account_choice, #opc_invoice_address').hide();
... and some other hacks to remove unwanted buttons.
Am I on the right track?

Temporary test site is on https://veganline.com/x/index.php?controller=order-opc or https://veganline.com/x/ and pick a product like the wing logo, final feature, that has a lot of stock in most sizes

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Hi Trying to do similar - i.e. have guest checkout using a redirect to separate page.

Has anyone managed this?



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