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Activate SSL or not


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I only accept PayPal, and I don't receive any customer financial information, but I enabled SSL for three simple reasons:

# I already had an SSL cert associated to my hosting account
# PayPal needs a header image served via https
# Customers may feel more comfortable entering name, address, etc in secure form

If your customers never enter any sensitive information on your website, you can probably skip it; but, you should keep the customer's perception in mind. Some of them may not want to enter ANY information if your site isn't SSL secured. Also, you need to make sure you don't have any customized code or modules that make http calls from your SSL pages or customers will get the "unsecure" pop-up.

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Also, in some countries web stores must have ssl in order to operate legally. I recently received my SSL + EV certificate to give my customers that extra secure feeling.

I decided to purchase True BusinessID with Extended Validation from Geotrust because I believe that a simple ssl does not cut it. I think that most customers are not even aware that they are entering a secure area unless you either promote it big on your site to make customers aware. Everyone that uses for example online banking is familiar with EV and it is hard not to notice when the address bar turns green in you browser and the organization field starts to rotate between your business name and the name of the SSL provider.

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