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Bulk Increase price % for a category, its subcategories and products


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Would anybody know, how to increase prices (bulk %) in a selected Category all its subcategories and products
I made a function in classes/products.php

public function categoryName($id_category)
$sql ='SELECT `name`
FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'category_lang`
WHERE `id_category` = '.intval($id_category);
$result = Db::getInstance()->getRow($sql);
return $result['name'];

I am trying to get:
if ($Category = Product::categoryName($Product['id_category_default']) {... selected categories A, B, C ...
$Price = Product::getPriceStatic(intval($Product['id_product']))*1.25; }
elseif ($Category = Product::categoryName($Product['id_category_default'])){
$Price = Product::getPriceStatic(intval($Product['id_product'])); }

Above would increase all prices in all categories.
Can anybody help? Thank you

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Php for me is like salt in my eyes
Spent >3 hours and still cannot get it work

Works in asp flawless however in php "if" returns false always
Changed to strcmp returns true always

$itemarr = array( 'blam a', 'blam b');

foreach ($Products AS $Product)
if ($Product['active'] and $Product['price']!=0) {
$Price = Product::getPriceStatic(floatval($Product['id_product']));
$Category = Product::categoryName($Product['id_category_default']);

foreach ($itemarr AS $myarr){
If((string)$myarr == (string)$Category)
$Price *= 1.25;

Any idea why?

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