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Prestashop GDPR module translations not working


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I found other modules with the same problem: translation is not loaded. All modules that I have with that problem dont have "ps_" in name.

To be clear: the translation was ok with version (the file is present in the folder "translations" in the module)

How we can fix translation problem (loading problem) for that modules ? 

My Prestashop version is and was updated from with 1-ckick Update 4.0.0 beta

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Hi, any news about this problem? i'm using 1.1.3 version on PS, and i cant even see the trasnlations that DARKF3D3 shows in his picture. I only can see translations for checkboxes. any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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You can delete the /var/cache folder (just the cache folder), all of it.  It will all be generated as and when needed, especially if this is a clean install with no data.

Clear cache through the BO,  then delete /var/cache and then clear all browser cache, then try again.

You can also rename but that doesn't always do it - if this shop is not live yet, no active transactions, you can delete.



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I found a solution that may be useful to someone. It helps to switch the translation mode to the old one, you have to go to the folder and open the file classes / module / Modules.php. Later in the isUsingNewTranslationSystem function, add this code before the foreach loop:

if($moduleBaseDomain == 'ModulesPsgdpr'){
	return false;

Clear cache from Backoffice and go to the translation found the words to translate 

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