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Prestashop 1.6 Web Service goes slow with more products


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I am developing the Windows Desktop application (.NET) which uses PrestaShop API for adding new products (for example).

When I add only few products, the adding is relatively fast, but when I add more products to the shop, for example 1000 - 5000 products, the adding goes always slower and slower.

For exaple:
- adding 100 product to the empty shop (without pictures) takes about 40 seconds
- adding 1000 products takes about 12 minutes
- adding 2000 products takes about 36 minutes

I don't know, if this is normal, or some bug, or is it possible to solve it by changing some parameters on server, or PrestaShop settings.

I would like to have fast PrestaShop API with about 5000 products in shop.

I tried to do tests on more webhostings and VPS, but everywhere is this problem similar.



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