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Call function from product-price.tpl


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This a simple question about Calling a function from a tpl file.

I need to override the discount display that appears on the product page , depending of the category-default parent.
In the productcontroller.php I have entered a new function :


public function isMed($prod)

$cat = new Category($prod['id_category_default'], $this->context->language->id);


   foreach ($listing as $list)
    return true;
    return false;




I try to call this function from product-price.tpl where I have :
 {if $product->isMed($product)==false}
   {if $product.has_discount}
        <div class="product-discount">
          {hook h='displayProductPriceBlock' product=$product type="old_price"}
          <span class="regular-price">{$product.regular_price}</span>
I have an error on the product page :
FatalErrorException in smarty_internal_templatebase.php(157) : eval()'d code line 1033: Error: Call to a member function isMed() on array

I debug the function with no code just a return true and the result is the same. I dont see where I get an array in my call.
I am new in PHP and smarty, can someone help me.



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You cannot use the function isMed() in product-price.tpl as you had defined the function in the productController.php. To use the isMed() function in tpl file. define the isMed() function in class file i.e.  /classes/Product.php

Alternative method:

Simply assign the function value from the controller to .tpl instead of calling the function in .tpl file.


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