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How to get wholesale_price


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There is standard method to get each type of prices -

// Static way
Product::getPriceStatic($id_product, $usetax = true, $id_product_attribute = null, $decimals = 6, $divisor = null,
$only_reduc = false, $usereduc = true, $quantity = 1, $force_associated_tax = false, $id_customer = null, $id_cart = null,
$id_address = null, &$specific_price_output = null, $with_ecotax = true, $use_group_reduction = true, Context $context = null,
$use_customer_price = true);

but there is no wholesale price...

May be someone know how to get wholesale price in a similar way?
Thank you.

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I think there is no direct function to get the wholesale price. Either you need to write the query from the yourself OR you need to create the new product object i.e.


$product = new Product(14); //14 is the product id
echo $product->wholesale_price;


On the product template page, you can get the whole price directly using the $product->wholesale_price. 

I hope it will help.


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