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Assign product to categories into DB using php script/sql (PS 1.6)


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Hi everyone.

My company is migrating its shop on PrestaShop

We have about 1500 products. I created a category "discountable" in wich I assigned the products that can have specific prices, the others can't be and will always be sold the same price. So we have 2 status for our products: discountable and net price.

To update products informations we could have used PrestaShop's native import function but we have differences between descriptions etc so I created a PHP script to update products prices and status directly in DB using a CSV file.

It's working "fine" except for the category association. In Back-Office the product is correctly assigned, but when I visit my shop, the product sometimes is discountable when it should not or not discountable when it should. When I edit my product in BO and save it, it seems to "update" the categories and then it's working as expected.

I tried to clear cache, rebuild index etc.
I'd like to know wich is the function that "update" the categories when a product is saved, I haven't found it yet. Would it be possible to call it in my script?

Ex of product assigned in the "discountable" (remisables) category but no discount is applied:

- Back-Offfice:


- Front:


- Just after pressing "save" in BO:


Portion of my script related to this category (id 60):

//if file status != db status
if ($remisable != $inDbRemisable) {
	if ($remisable == 1) {
		//Generating "position" field value
		$getPosSql = "SELECT position from "._DB_PREFIX_."category_product WHERE id_category = 60 ORDER BY position DESC LIMIT 1";
		$getPosRES = $db->ExecuteS($getPosSql);
		$position = $getPosRES[0]['position'] + 1;

		//Adding category to product
		$addRemisSQL = "INSERT INTO "._DB_PREFIX_."category_product (id_category, id_product, position) VALUES (60, ".$id_product.", ".$position.")";
	elseif ($remisable == 0) {
		//removing category to product
		$delRemisSQL = "DELETE FROM "._DB_PREFIX_."category_product WHERE id_category = 60 AND id_product = ".$id_product."";

I don't know if i'm clear enough, sorry for my English ;)


edit: I found a fix, problem is related to the ps_specific_price table wich is generated when you create the rule OR updated when you save a product. Just edit a rule and save it and it will "update" all the products.

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