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[1.7] Add to cart - confirmation text instead of the modal window


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I've read some tutorials on how to disable the modal popup windows after clicking "Add to cart" button in Prestashop 1.7.
But all of them continued with redirecting customers to their shopping carts which I don't want to have.
Instead I'd like the "Add to cart" button to turn green and change text to "Added" or something like this. Or just display some information that the product has been added next to the button.
Would it be difficult to do it?
All I've done so far was commenting out "showModal(resp.modal);" in ps_shoppingcart.js.
The window is not displayed, so it's ok but right now I assume there is some function I need to write?
The thing is I don't know much about JS and I don't know where such a function should be and where it should be called etc.
Could anyone give me a hand with this issue? :)

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