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Decimal places at new discounted price


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Hi there,

pls could someone explain to me how to result from math equation show as price (with default decimal places and currency)?

e.g. we have new line at product-price.tpl:

{$product.regular_price - ($product.regular_price*(($product.discount_percentage_absolute - 5)/100))}

Those should be just info for customer to see how much they need to pay if they choose card payment instead cash or bank transfer.

Fo example: if product price is 10.549,00  kn  we have discount for cash 30% and for card payment discount 25% (always is 5% smaller discount for card payment) .

Result of before mentioned equation is:  7.91175 

Is it posible to show that results as: 7.911,75 kn ?

Thank you.

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