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How to enable Advanced stock Management in PS 1.6.1 via database/SQL Query


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Hello everyone,

How does one programmatically enable ASM with SQL query?

Our store has 50k+ products and the ASM has stopped functioning.



1. I disabled ASM temporarily in order to delete a product from BO.

2. When ASM was re-enabled later, all products did not update accordingly. (I activated it in BO via Preferences>>Products)

3. ASM is now enabled but not reflecting in database and in Product Settingst, see **********Image1.********************'



4. We run sql query:

SELECT COUNT(`id_product`) FROM `ps_product` WHERE `advanced_stock_management`=0

And output for all products matched 0 which means deactivated.





Question is:

1.How do we mass edit db & BO so that all products are ACTIVATED for ASM? 

2.. Which database tables are related to ASM?




We need the settings to be like this.




Thanks in advance.





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