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Problem with multistore and custom products


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I've been noticed of something that is happening on one of the shops of our client.

Let's see preview:

- Prestashop with multistore enabled and like 30 stores in it.

- Some products have a custom text field - (Is a t-shirt shop so people can write the name they want on it)


Here's the problem..:

On admin side, when you view all the orders from all the shops, if you go to see a order (on the top bar it says "All shops"), then it does not show the custom text - I mean, question is : NAME? - XXX // So in the order page you only see XXX, not NAME.

But when you are on the order view page, and on the top bar you have selected the same shop as the order was maid from, then it shows "NAME: XXX"

This happens aswell when downloading a invoice, if you are on "All stores selected" it does not show the "item", just the answer from the client, but if you have selected the correct store, then it shows the question and the answer.


Any solution to solve this? :)

Thank youu!


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