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Display of three prices for each product (retail, small wholesale, large wholesale)


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Hi. On the site you need to sell three prices for each product depending on the total cost of the basket. That is, for example, Tovar1 retail costs 300$, small wholesale 200$, and large wholesale 100$. Retail is the total cost of the basket from 0$, small wholesale is from 5000$, and large wholesale from 15000$ and above. It is necessary to make it possible for each product to put three prices (retail, small wholesale and large wholesale), and the basket, when the total cost of the basket from 5000$ and from 15000$, recalculated the total amount of each product and deduced the total. I will attach a screenshot of an illustrative example. Does anyone know if there is such a module in the store? Or share where that to correct, please.


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