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import css (attribute textures)


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How can I add in the public function "attributeImport ()" the ability to load images for textures?

I did the following.... but how to get an id_attribute instead of $nn which should match the name of the image file??????


if (isset($info['image']) && $info['image']) {

$file = $info['image'];

$newfile = _PS_COL_IMG_DIR_. $nn . '.jpg';     

if (touch($file)) {
          if (copy($file, $newfile) ) {
$nn = $nn + 2;    
              $this->warnings[] = Tools::displayError('the textures are loaded. ');
          } else {
              $this->warnings[] = Tools::displayError('cannot be copied.');
       } else {
          $this->warnings[] = Tools::displayError('no texture file found.');




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